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The Chairman of the Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation


 Telephone : 0094-011-2871005
 Mobile : 0094-071-7504504
 Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
 Fax : 0094-011-2884906

Chairman’s MessageI was appointed as the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation in November 2014, it was almost at the verge of collapse.

I was entrusted with the responsibility of rejuvenating the cashew industry in order to restore it's good name as early as possible.

I am extremely happy to state that I was able to fulfill both these responsibilities in a couple of months by introducing new managerial systems, healthy employer-employee relationships, new incentive schemes to satisfy the employee's aspirations and most importantly the eradication of malpractices by removing decadent rules and regulations.

Within six months, the Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation reached the break-even point and since then an upward trend was achieved in monthly income and a significant profit in marketing & sales of planting materials.

 now not only gifted with felicitous cashew growers, processors, consumers but also a happy board of directors and employees.

Our team

Vice Chairman & Directors

Name & Designation Contact Details
Vice Chairman
Telephone : 0094-011-2869844
Fax : 0094-011-286 9843
Secretary to the Board
Mr. P.B. Kodikara
Telephone : 0094-011-2876134

General Manager & Managers

Name & Designation Contact Details
General Manager
Mr. P.B. Kodikara
Telephone : 0094-011-2876134
Fax : 0094-011-2869843

Deputy General Manager

Mr. P.B. Kodikara 

Telephone : 0094-011-2884905
 Fax            : 0094-011-2869843
Asst. General Managers
Mr. M.T.S.K.Pieris – AGM Finance
Telephone : 0094-011-2884900
Mr. P.M.A.P.K. Wijetunga – AGM Plantation
Telephone : 0094-011-2884903
Mr. P.B. Kodikara – (Act.) AGM Policy & Planning
Telephone : 0094-011-2884902
Mr. R.M.P.Jayathissa - AGM Marketing
Telephone : 0094-011-2886855
Mr. G.B.B.Surendra - AGM Extension
Telephone : 0094-011-2884904
Mr.V.U.Liyanage - AGM Audit
Telephone : 0094-011-2884901
Mrs. P.B. Kodikara - AGM H.R.M. & Administration
Telephone : 0094-011-2 884905

Extension Division

Extension Service

Cashew represents a diversification crop option for the dry districts of Sri Lanka. Keeping in mind, the particular needs of the small scale farmers in the rural areas. They are provided with the following services by the Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation.

1. Cultivation under subsidy scheme.

Bud-grafted plants
Total package
- 80 plants/per acre
- 3 years.
- Rs. 9,500/per acre
(Inducing Plants, fertilizer and allowance for agricultural practices)
Seedling plants
Total package
- 40 plants/per acre
- 5 years.
- Rs. 3,500/per acre
(Including Plants, fertilizer and allowance for agricultural practices)
  • ½ acre to 5 acres
  • Ownership of the land to be established
  • Land suitable for cashew cultivation

  • 2. Home Garden Project-
    To fulfill the domestic needs.
    5-10 plants /per Farmer family.

    3. Awareness programs and Farmer Training
    Training of farmers by extension staff on advanced technology on cashew cultivation.

    4. Follow-up programmes
    After planting, monitoring, necessary advice is given by the extension staff.

    5. Purchasing of Raw-nuts
    During the harvesting season, raw cashew is purchased by extension staff at the farmers gate at a fair price.

    6. Cottage Processing
    Training is provided to establish cottage level processing units as well.

    Marketing Division

    Activities of the Marketing Division

    1. Sales of cashew and allied products through SLCC sales outlets.
    2. Supply of cashew in bulk to Hotels, Local Confectionery Industries and Airlines.
    3. Conduct raw Cashew Purchasing programmes to establish a guaranteed market for cashew growers and farmers.
    4. Conduct Training programme for cashew Processors.
    5. Develop and introduce cashew processing machineries for the cashew processing industry.
    6. Export promotion.
    7. Conducting of continuous research on New Product Development and quality improvement in accordance with the customer requirements.
    8. Running of cashew processing centers to produce quality cashew kernels and supply value added products to Local and International Market.

    Cashew Processing Centers

    Cashew Processing Center

    Sri Lanka.
    TP:   0094 033-2225239
    Fax:  0094 033-2225239

    Cashew Processing Center

    St Mary's Road,
    Sri Lanka.
    TP:   0094 032 2265278

    Cashew Processing Training Center

    Cashew Processing Training Center

    Sri Lanka

    0094 033-2225239

    Cashew Corporation Sales Outlets


    Sales Outlet
    Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation
    No 1334, Old Kotte Road,
    Sri Lanka
    TP:   0094 011 2884907


    Sales Outlet
    Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation,
    No 518
    Galle Road,
    Colombo 03.
    Sri Lanka

    TP:   0094 011 2575119

    Plantation Division

    Presently, Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation maintains its cashew plantations as model farming units by adopting best agricultural practices inclusive of intercropping practices.


    • Manage the plantations and commercial nurseries of SLCC, profitably.
    • Carry out replanting and new planting activities to the optimum level.
    • Maintain good relationships with villagers in and around the Estates.
    • To serve as model plantations to investors and growers while training farmers in modern techniques.
    • To serve as facilitator to investors and growers.
    • Maintain plant propagation Nurseries.

    Activities / Services

    • To maintain SLCC owned plantations with replanting and new planting.
    • Provide high quality planting materials to cashew growers and investors.
    • To provide employment opportunities to villages as skill and unskilled workers.
    • Provide eco-friendly lodging facilities in the Estate circuit bungalows situated in 3 different parts of the country. – Puttalam, Hambanthota, and Parcikuda (Batticaloa)


    Plant Prorogation Nursery Centers

    Covering District Location
    Puttalam Kamandaluwa-Plantation Andigama
    Anuradapura Kannattiya-Mihinthale
    Matale Janakanthipuragama-Dambulla
    Badulla Aluththarama-Mahiyanganaya
    Batticaloa Hardy Plantation-Kiran-Batticaloa
    Hambantota Chandrikawewa
    Monaragala Kumbukkana-Bibila


    Plantation District Location
    Kamandaluwa Plantation Puttalam Andigama
    Puttalam Plantation Puttalam

    Karadipual, Puttalam

    Eluwankulama Plantation Puttalam


    Hardy Plantation Batticaloa

    Kiran- Batticaloa

    Mirijjawila Plantation Hambantota



    Plant Prorogation Centers District
    Elkaduwa Matale
    Suduwathuraara Monaragala
    Vilachchiya Anuradapura
    Mahaoya Ampara
    Laggala – Naula Matale


    Circuit Bunglows District
    Puttalam Plantation Karadipual-Puttalam
    Hardy Plantation Kiran-Batticaloa


    Research Division

    Research and Development

    The Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture and Plantation Management of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, has developed 06 new Hybrid varieties of cashew.


    01. 1. Development of improved varieties and quality planting materials.

    Six promising accessions namely.

    WUCC – 5, 8, 9,13,19,21 were identified and released to far……

    02. Improvement of agro techniques and plant protection methods.

    Recommendations have been introduced as follows.

    a) How varietal difference and seed size influence on seedling vigour

    b) How environmental conditions affect survival and growth rate of softwood grafts.

    c) Efficient nursery practices for cashew grafting.

    d) Variability in a seedling population and its influence on productivity

    e) Time of transplanting.

    f) Detail studies on Helopeltis and its control through Red Ants and chemicals.

    g) Stem Borer management studies and its control.

    h) Control and management of common cashew diseases.

    i) Development of a protocol for propagation of cashew through tissue culture.

    03. Efficient use of fertilizer and relined inputs.

    a) Effect of different soil types on growth of cashew.

    b) Suitable nursery media and fertilizer management in cashew nurseries.

    c) Detail recommendation on fertilizer application.

    d) Research on soil properties of Eluwankulama mother plant garden.

    04. On-going Research trials.

    a) Performances of seedling plants and bud- grafted plants with the same treatments in two locations.

    b) Possibility of producing planting material by patch budding.

    c) Research to find-out suitable canopy height to collect maximum scions.

    05. Publications

    a) A book on cashew cultivation and Techniques.

    b) Summarized form of above book in Tamil.

    c) Recent Advances in Cashew Research.

    d) Cashew Bulletin (in Sinhala and English)

    e) Research and conference papers.

    f) Three M.Phil thesis.

    06. Pest control programme

    Demonstration on Helopeltis antornni control system.

    07. Research station

    Kamandaluwa Research Station – Andigama Puttalam

    Puttlam Research Station-Puttlam

    Administration Division

    Human resource management of the Corporation, ensuring a proper coordination with the employees and the public, while developing a creative, reliable and highly disciplined team to achieve the Vision and the Mission of the Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation.

    Finance Division

    Main functions of this division are:-

    1. Book keeping and maintaining the accounts of the Corporation
    2. Prepare Final Accounts of the Corporation
    3. Prepare Annual Budget estimates of the Corporation
    4. Assist the Managerial in all its activities
    5. Proper financial management of the Corporation
    6. Prepare monthly salaries of the all permanent staff of the Corporation.
    7. Prepare monthly accounts of the Corporation and send to the Department of Public Enterprises. Through the line ministry and get monthly capital and recurrent grants from the treasury.
    8. Prepare monthly Profit & Loss accounts of the Marketing & Cashew Processing Section and submit to the Board of Directors of the Corporation.
    9. Organize Annual Board of Survey at the end of the year.

    Internal Audit Division

    Main objective

    To do Development Auditing to maximize the Economy, Efficiency & Effectiveness of the use of Resources of the Corporation.


    Our Services

    Service Provide by SLCC

    • Provide Advisory services through Extension officers covering 25 Divisional secretary in 15 Districts.
    • Introducing new cashew varieties to suit different climatic conditions to increase yield.
    • Assisting growers to control pest and diseases, soil conservation, manufacture of organic manual etc.
    • Purchase of raw nuts from growers and purchase of kernels from small scale processors.
    • Assisting investors to implement projects.
    • Training of small scale entrepreneurs.
    • Assisting income generation and land utilization programs of the Government.
    • Cashew Exports and Imports



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