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Extension Department

An Exibition held at Ampara to educate farmes an improved Agriculture practice to get helthy food

Agricultural Exhibition at Ampara



Assistant General Manager - (Extension & Reaserach) at Exhibition August 2016



Be the most effciant of communications and facilities in the cashew sector.


Expansion of cultivated area in the Island using improoved varities with most appropriate agricultural systems and enterpreneur development while sustaining the two way communication.

Extension Service

Cashew represents a diversification crop option for the dry districts of Sri Lanka. Keeping in mind, the particular needs of the small scale farmers in the rural areas. They are provided with the following services by the Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation.

1. Cultivation under subsidy scheme.

Bud-grafted plants
Total package
- 80 plants/per acre
- 3 years.
- Rs. 9,500/per acre
(Inducing Plants, fertilizer and allowance for agricultural practices)
Seedling plants
Total package
- 40 plants/per acre
- 5 years.
- Rs. 3,500/per acre
(Including Plants, fertilizer and allowance for agricultural practices)
  • ½ acre to 5 acres
  • Ownership of the land to be established
  • Land suitable for cashew cultivation

  • 2. Home Garden Project-
    To fulfill the domestic needs.
    5-10 plants /per Farmer family.

    3. Awareness programs and Farmer Training
    Training of farmers by extension staff on advanced technology on cashew cultivation.

    4. Follow-up programmes
    After planting, monitoring, necessary advice is given by the extension staff.

    5. Purchasing of Raw-nuts
    During the harvesting season, raw cashew is purchased by extension staff at the farmers gate at a fair price.

    6. Cottage Processing
    Training is provided to establish cottage level processing units as well.

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