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Finance Division


Transformation of the cost centres in to profit centers.



Controlling and regulating the financial activities, coordination with other relevant institutions through set procedures and standards.



Continously improve the efficency and profitability of the corporation through propermanagement of funds.


Main functions of this division are:-

  1. Book keeping and maintaining the accounts of the Corporation
  2. Prepare Final Accounts of the Corporation
  3. Prepare Annual Budget estimates of the Corporation
  4. Assist the Managerial in all its activities
  5. Proper financial management of the Corporation
  6. Prepare monthly salaries of the all permanent staff of the Corporation.
  7. Prepare monthly accounts of the Corporation and send to the Department of Public Enterprises. Through the line ministry and get monthly capital and recurrent grants from the treasury.
  8. Prepare monthly Profit & Loss accounts of the Marketing & Cashew Processing Section and submit to the Board of Directors of the Corporation.
  9. Organize Annual Board of Survey at the end of the year.
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