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Internal Audit Division


Eliminate inaccuracy and incompleteness though auditing



Continous and independent assesment on internal controls based on finacial and non finacial activities. enabling efficient and effective use of resources towards the Corporationa targets.



  1. Implemant a continous and indipendent assessment on internal controls which is based on both finacial activities and no finacial activities of Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation, with a view to prove the reasonability and adequacy of the internal checks to disclose frauds and material misstatements.
  2. Introduce strategies and formal methods. to enable an efficient, effective and econmic usage of the resources of Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation for its operations in achieving the objectives with a fair control.
  3. Implement a continuous assesment on the projects and programmes, aimed at the progress of Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation and to make comments on the relevant proposal to the management.



  1. Prepare necessary sub programs on various commercial activities of the Corporation based on the internal audit plan for the year.
  2. Prepare necessary sub audits programms on the internal audit plan for the year.
  3. Implement special audit programms on the activities of the seed gardens of the Corporation based on the internal audit plan for the year.
  4. To summone Audit and Management Committees at least four times a year.
  5. Activate audit circles by covering all outstation office's activities of the Corporation, linked with the Head Office.
  6. Co-assistance on Audit General Department activities of the Corporation.


Main objective

To do Development Auditing to maximize the Economy, Efficiency & Effectiveness of the use of Resources of the Corporation.





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