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Policy & Planning Division


Cashew sector policy for prosperity



Plolcy preparetion, planning monitoring and evaluation in both of the Corporation and the sector to achieve specific goals and objectives in time.



  1. Formulate and reformulate Corporate Plans and Action Plans and Action Plans for the Corporation to improve its efficency and performance.
  2. Help top Management to undertake evaluation and monitoring of the Corporate Plan an Actionregularly to identify any reasons for shortfall from objectives and targets. Find solutions to such constraints while improving co-ordination and report performance and problems (with a view to seeking solutions) that cannot be solved by officials to the Board and other relevant authorities.
  3. Set up a database on all aspects of work in the Corporation. Especially incomes /constraints of cashew farmers/Processes marked and profitability of commercial operations of the Corporation.
  4. Study the above mentioned issues and prepare policy papers, schemes as well as plants to achieve the vision/mission/objectives/targets of the corporation speedily / at least cost.
  5. Give publicity to the work and achievements of the Corporation to improve its image and raise public awareness with regard to he benefit of production of cashew.



  1. Reformulate the Corporate Plan and Action Plan between March & July every year in association with other divisions and other stakeholders.
  2. Monitor the Corporate Plan and Action plan on quarterly basis and report performance. 
  3. Prepare policy Papers Schemes / Plans  every year for submission to the board when necessary.
  4. Carry out a Publicity Programme every three month.
  5. Introduction of a separate parliamentary Act for the Cashew sector
  6. Sterengthen and maintaining the coordination with relevant local and overseas agencies continuously.
  7. Formulation of a data bank for the sector by year 2017.
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