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Marketing Division

Activities of the Marketing Division

  1. Sales of cashew and allied products through SLCC sales outlets.
  2. Supply of cashew in bulk to Hotels, Local Confectionery Industries and Airlines.
  3. Conduct raw Cashew Purchasing programmes to establish a guaranteed market for cashew growers and farmers.
  4. Conduct Training programme for cashew Processors.
  5. Develop and introduce cashew processing machineries for the cashew processing industry.
  6. Export promotion.
  7. Conducting of continuous research on New Product Development and quality improvement in accordance with the customer requirements.
  8. Running of cashew processing centers to produce quality cashew kernels and supply value added products to Local and International Market.

Cashew Processing Centers

Cashew Processing Center

Sri Lanka.
TP: 0094 033-2225239
Fax: 0094 033-2225239

Cashew Processing Center

St Mary's Road,
Sri Lanka.
TP: 0094 032-2265278

Cashew Processing Training Center

Cashew Processing Training Center

Sri Lanka

0094 033-2225237

Cashew Corporation Sales Outlets


Sales Outlet
Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation
No 1334, Old Kotte Road,
Sri Lanka

TP: 0094 011-2884907


Sales Outlet
Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation,
No 518
Galle Road,
Colombo 03.
Sri Lanka

TP: 0094 011-2575119

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