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    Plantation Division

    Where We Expand Our Products


    Make Cashew Plantation as the best plantations in the plantation sector.


    Management of existing plantations and development of new plantations by adopting the best
    agricultural practices inclusive of intercropping as profitable and sustainable ventures making
    them as model units for other cashew growers.


    1. Maintenance of exiting plantations by adopting the best agricultural practices as profitable and sustainable units.
    2. Establishment of new cashew plantations with high yielding cashew varieties.
    3. Maintenance of commercial nurseries for the accomplishment of SLCC goals.
    4. Maintain good relation with villagers in and around the plantations and nurseries in order to boost production and productivity.
    5. To serve as a model plantation for investors in cashew cultivation and processing.

    Plantations/Seed Garden
    Name of Plantation District Divisional Secretary Division of Gramasewa Acres Contact Details
    Eluwankulama Puttalam Wanathawilluwa Rahal Maduwa 651 071- 4481510
    Puttalama Puttalama Wanathawilluwa Karandipuwal 961 071-8120028
    Kamandaluwa Puttalama Rasnayakapura Kamandaluwa 548 071- 8285541
    Hardy Batticaloa Walachchena Kiran 365 077-1303648
    Pooneryn Mannar Pooneryn Jayapuram North 479 077- 9850497
    Kondachchi Mannar Musalie Sillwathura ara 6498 071-4958600
    Thiriyaya Trincomalee Gomaran kadawala Mailawewa 681 077-1303648
    Mankerny Batticaloa Kerelapathhu north Mankerny 576 077-1303648
    Wilachchiya Anuradapura Maha Wilachchiya Bandaragama 25 025-2227071
    Suduwathura Ara Monaragala Monaragala Horombuwa 45 055-2252090
    Maha oya Ampara Maha oya 81 055-3555257
    Nalanda Matale Matale Ankanda 135 066-2249164
    Wellankulama Mannar Manthaai West Jayapuram North 500 011-2884903
    Total Land Acre Total Land Acre 11545


    Plant Prorogation Centers


    Name of Nursery District Division Sectary Division of Gramasewa Planting Material Contract Details
    Budded Seedling
    12×7 12×18
    Kamandaluwa Puttalam Rasnayakapura Kamandaluwa Yes Yes Yes 071-8285541
    Mihinthaleya Anuradapura Mihinthaleya Kannattiya Yes Yes 025-2227071
    Kumbukkana Monaragala Monaragala Maduruketiya Yes Yes 055-2252090
    Chandrika Wewa Rathnapura Embilipitiya Pallegama Yes Yes 047-2223407
    Hardy Batticaloa Walachchene Kiran Yes Yes 077-1303648
    Mahiyanganaya Mahiyanganaya Mahiyanganaya Aluththarama Yes Yes 055-5355257
    Dambulla Matale Dambulla Pannampitiya Yes 066-2249164
    Mangalagama Ampara Chenkaladi Gemunupura Yes Yes 063-3730435


    Recommended Planting Material for cultivation


    Name of the variety
    WUCC 19 WUCC 21
    WUCC 23 WUCC 05
    WUCC 08 WUCC 01
    WUCC 13 WUCC 09
    WUCC 07 WUCC 16
    WUCC 02


    Recommended Planting Material for cultivation


    Name of the Plantation Cultivated Cultivated extend (acre)
    Kamandaluwa Coconut 84
    Puttalam Legumes 15
    Kondachchi Legumes, Cucurbitaceae 5
    Eluwankulama Legumes, Cucurbitaceae 5
    Mankerny Legumes, Cucurbitaceae 5
    Activities / Services
    • Maintaining SLCC owned plantations with replanting and new planting.
    • Conservation of germplasm for selection and multiplication.
    • Maintaining commercial nurseries in different regions to provide high quality planting materials to cashew growers and investors.

      Types of planting material

      i. Budded plant (12’’ X 07” bag size)
      ii. Jambo budded plant ( 12” X 18” bag size)
      iii. Seedling plant ( 6” X 9” bag size)

    • To provide employment opportunities to villagers as skill and unskilled workers.
    • To promote Eco-tourism using the lodging facilities in Estate circuit bungalows. situated in two different parts of the country. – Puttalam, and Parcikuda (Batticaloa)
    • Production of Budded and Seedling plants to the SLCC subsidy program.
    • Introduction of new type of budded plants which has high tolerance and adaptability to the hard field condition. Ex:- Jumbo budded plants ( 12” X 18” bag size)
    • Selling of Budded and Seedling plants and Handling the external orders requesting the planting material of cashew