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    Research and Development

    The Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture and Plantation Management of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka, has developed 06 new Hybrid varieties of cashew.


    01. 1. Development of improved varieties and quality planting materials.

    Six promising accessions namely.
    WUCC – 5, 8, 9,13,19,21 were identified and released to far……

    02. Improvement of agro techniques and plant protection methods.

    Recommendations have been introduced as follows.
    a) How varietal difference and seed size influence on seedling vigour
    b) How environmental conditions affect survival and growth rate of softwood grafts.
    c) Efficient nursery practices for cashew grafting.
    d) Variability in a seedling population and its influence on productivity
    e) Time of transplanting.
    f) Detail studies on Helopeltis and its control through Red Ants and chemicals.
    g) Stem Borer management studies and its control.
    h) Control and management of common cashew diseases.
    i) Development of a protocol for propagation of cashew through tissue culture.

    03. Efficient use of fertilizer and relined inputs.

    a) Effect of different soil types on growth of cashew.
    b) Suitable nursery media and fertilizer management in cashew nurseries.
    c) Detail recommendation on fertilizer application.
    d) Research on soil properties of Eluwankulama mother plant garden.

    04. On-going Research trials.

    a) Performances of seedling plants and bud- grafted plants with the same treatments in two locations.
    b) Possibility of producing planting material by patch budding.
    c) Research to find-out suitable canopy height to collect maximum scions.

    05. Publications

    a) A book on cashew cultivation and Techniques.
    b) Summarized form of above book in Tamil.
    c) Recent Advances in Cashew Research.
    d) Cashew Bulletin (in Sinhala and English)
    e) Research and conference papers.
    f) Three M.Phil thesis.

    06. Pest control programme

    Demonstration on Helopeltis antornni control system.

    07. Research station

    Kamandaluwa Research Station – Andigama Puttalam
    Puttlam Research Station-Puttlam